Collection: Charles Lucidi

decay and rebirth... the cycle of life!

CARLO LUCIDI is an artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in Scenography. He began his career traveling in Italy and Europe, working for important theater and cinema productions. Her artistic work, focused on art jewellery, photography and wearable sculpture, understood as art of the body and for the body, has been published in prestigious magazines and hosted in important institutions in Italy, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Brazil and Australia.
His field of research concerns feelings, emotions and spiritual connections between being and non-being, life, death and purity.

Delicate as a petal, fine, wrinkled,
fragrant reminder of the flower that once was.
Yellows with time, flutters, static,
in the heart of silver thorns.
It blossoms in the hands, connecting like a bulb of connections made of the fine substance that derives from it.
Mute silence between thin layers and breath on the skin.

silentium looks different every time it is worn.
It is composed of a metal structure and a box of stabilized petals to pin onto the piece and generate and regenerate your "jewel of the day".
Strong in its poetic and visual approach, silentium possesses a powerful emotional imagery.