Collection: Kamile Staneliene

Welcome to the extraordinary "Pagine D'Arte" collection by Lithuanian artist Kamile Staneliene, where simplicity and literary elegance come to life through unique minimalist jewels. Kamile draws inspiration from books and their pages to create works of art that convey a deep respect for knowledge and the beauty of writing.

Each creation in this collection is characterized by extremely regular oval and circular shapes, crafted with a refined precision that highlights the perfection of the pages of a book. The main materials are copper and silver, combined with plexiglass to create jewelry that embodies the simplicity of black and white.

The manufacturing technique is very clean and meticulous, resulting in minimalist jewels that blend visual art with the intrinsic meaning of written words. Kamile Staneliene is an artist who transforms book pages into jewels that tell new stories.

If you love minimalism, the art of writing and the beauty of details, this collection was created especially for you. Each jewel is a style statement that celebrates the depth of knowledge and the purity of form. Choose your favorite creation and wear a unique piece from "New Stories II" by Kamile Staneliene today.