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Crawling in the deep necklace

Crawling in the deep necklace

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Elli Xippa's necklace is a wearable work of art that challenges the conventions of traditional jewelry. This amazing sculpture is made from a combination of unique materials: pantyhose, glue, leather and bronze. The soft texture of the tights merges with the strength of the bronze, creating a fascinating contrast between materials that come together in surprising harmony.

The necklace features a wrap-around design that fits elegantly around the neck, creating an atmosphere of grace and originality. The light texture of the tights is transformed into a three-dimensional work of art through the skillful use of glue and bronze. The leather details add a touch of luxury and sophistication, creating a complex and fascinating work of art.

This necklace represents the intersection between fragility and strength, the ephemeral and the eternal. It is a work that embodies Elli Xippa's bold creativity and her ability to transform unusual materials into extraordinary works of art.

This sculpture necklace is perfect for those looking for a unique and bold jewel that stands out for its originality and beauty.

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