Profumeria artistica?

Artistic perfumery?

Niche perfumery vs. Traditional perfumery

Perfumery is a vast and fascinating world, but it can often be confusing and complicated. One of the most common questions concerns the difference between niche perfumery and traditional perfumery. These two types of perfumery may look similar, but there are some important differences worth noting.

Traditional Perfumery

Traditional perfumery is what is commonly found in department stores and specialty shops. The best known and most popular perfume brands can often be found in these shops. These products are made with common staple ingredients, such as flowers, citrus fruits, and spices, and are often made in large quantities to meet mass demand.

Traditional perfumes are often created to be pleasing to as many people as possible, so they are made with scent notes that are familiar and pleasing to the palate of most people. This means that these perfumes may be less distinctive and original than niche fragrances.

Niche perfumery

Niche perfumery, on the other hand, is one that focuses on quality and originality. These perfumes are created with high quality ingredients and are often made in limited quantities. Niche fragrances are often created to meet the needs of a more sophisticated audience looking for something unique and high quality.

Niche perfumes can be created with rare and unusual ingredients, such as exotic woods, rare flowers, and rare spices. These ingredients can give niche perfumes a unique and distinctive aroma not found in traditional perfumes.


Ultimately, the choice between niche perfumery and traditional perfumery depends on the personal preferences of each individual. If you are looking for a scent that is familiar and popular, then traditional perfumery could be the right choice. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a unique and distinctive perfume, then niche perfumery is the best choice.

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