New Stories II - Kamilė Stanelienė

New Stories II - Kamilė Stanelienė

We are pleased to present "New Stories II", an extraordinary collection of wearable microsculptures by Lithuanian artist Kamile Staneliene. Kamile Staneliene graduated in Metal Art and Jewelery from the Vilnius Academy of Art and is currently active in her studio in the ancient center of Kaunas. Furthermore, he shares his passion and knowledge as a jewelry teacher at the Kaunas School of Applied Arts.

Kamile Staneliene's art is profound and rooted in a personal vision of the world. His works transform emotions into sculptural images, maintaining a powerful dialogue with observers. His work takes place in a space where experience merges with creativity, creating jewels that go beyond mere ornamentation.

For the "New Stories II" collection, Kamile Staneliene created unique works using texts and images from random books from the "House of Books", a place where unwanted books are abandoned. In this way, the stories of old, forgotten books come to life in the jewels, becoming new narratives that find a new reader.

The aesthetic of Staneliene's work is characterized by sophisticated minimalism and impeccable technique. Recalling the influences of contemporary art, with a particular homage to process art and artists such as Richard Serra, Staneliene's jewels are a union of form and meaning, in which the artist's hand dissolves in a pure expression of aesthetic vision.

The title of the exhibition, "New Stories II", reflects the rebirth of these forgotten stories in Kamile Staneliene's jewels.

We invite you to join us for the vernissage, which will be held on October 14th at 5.30pm, where you will have the opportunity to personally meet the artist and immerse yourself in the unique stories told through his jewels.

“New Stories II” aims to stimulate dialogue about the concept of the hidden and forgotten, and how words, represented by the metaphor of the book, can endure as immortal, despite having been printed and then forgotten.

Furthermore, a month after its opening, the gallery will host the exhibition "Jewelry+Literature", curated by Ana Pina for the Tincal Lab in Porto, which will once again put the book in the foreground as a central element of inspiration. The opening of this exhibition will be on November 10th, and will be an unmissable opportunity to further explore the connection between jewelery and literature.

The event is part of the Roma Jewelry Week review, which will return in October 2023 with a rich program of exhibitions, conferences, meetings and performances. The theme of this third edition is "Second Life", with the aim of exploring contemporary jewelery in a reflective context.

We look forward to this extraordinary artistic and narrative exploration that unites the past and present through the jewels of Kamile Staneliene.

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