Collection: Constantinos Papadoukas

Explore the capacity for resilience, through regeneration

CONSTANTINOS PAPADOUKAS is a Greek artist, who lives and works in Athens. He took up his sculptural practice after studying in the UK at Wimbledon College of Art and Laoughborough University. In parallel he teaches at Vakalo College of Art and Design. His early works were large sculptures in metal and wood. Over time the scale has shrunk, concepts distilled into finer ideas - intimate wearable pieces. Her jewelery has been exhibited in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Germany and the UK.

Tenebris is a collection created as an attempt to focus the feelings that struck me as fire consumed human lives, animals and hundreds of acres of forest in Attica. The primary symbol of the collection is a tree, used for memory or as destroyed and burned material, connection of living forms with the universe, in its three stages: initial, middle and final.
Materials rescued from scorched regions make sinister objects, homage to what we have lost, what it existed for, but also what will grow back. Tenebris is an exploration of self-destructive human nature, its effect on nature, but also a quest for faith. Because the mystery of life and death is a constant conflict between rebirth and friction, despair and hope.