Collection: Ana Hagopian

Welcome to the fascinating and unique world of jewelry by Ana Hagopian, an extraordinary artist who has won the hearts of artistic jewelry enthusiasts. The Carlo Lucidi Gallery is proud to present an exclusive selection of its masterpieces.

Ana Hagopian, a very talented Argentinian artist, creates exceptional jewelry using handmade and hand-dyed paper. Her pieces feature vibrant colors and inspirations from the magnificent equatorial forest, thus transforming nature itself into an elegant wearable art form.

Ana Hagopian's creations are an explosion of creativity and craftsmanship. Each necklace, earring, brooch and bracelet is made with care and passion, transforming paper into unique works of art in the world. Her attention to detail and her ability to convey the essence of nature through her jewelry are extraordinary.

Each piece by Ana Hagopian is a celebration of beauty and originality. The organic shapes and bright colors evoke a sense of deep connection with nature, allowing the wearer to express their individuality in a unique and fascinating way.

Galleria Carlo Lucidi is thrilled to present Ana Hagopian's collection, offering our customers the opportunity to own an extraordinary and meaningful piece of jewelry. His creations are perfect for those who wish to stand out with a bold and artistic style, leaving a statement of beauty and originality.

You are invited to explore our online gallery or visit our physical location to admire Ana Hagopian's jewels up close. We are confident that you will be fascinated by his ability to transform paper into wearable works of art and his ability to capture the essence of nature in each piece.

Choose a jewel by Ana Hagopian and let yourself be transported on a journey of beauty and inspiration. We will be honored to accompany you on this experience and let you discover the enchanting and unique world of Ana Hagopian in the Carlo Lucidi Gallery.

For further information or personalized requests, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to make your experience with Ana Hagopian jewelry unforgettable.