Collection: Svetlana Prigoditch

disturbing, unique and... fragrant

SVETLANA PRIGODITCH was born and raised in Belarus. In 2005 she graduated in Media Art at the ArtEZ Art Academy in Enschede (The Netherlands). In 2016, at the Sint Lucas Art Academy in Antwerp, he discovered a new passion: art jewellery, which he has continued to create ever since.
Svetlana's work is inspired by cinema, literature, found objects, fragrances and natural patterns. In the last two years, her jewelry objects have been presented in many international exhibitions in Germany, Holland, Greece, Portugal and the United States.

The Mon Baudelaire jewelery series is inspired by the 19th century French poet, Charles Baudelare and his masterpiece, the well-known 'Les Fleurs du mal'.
The beauty of withering, fragility, melancholy, wonderful illusions and the pain of love are the source of inspiration for these pieces. Inside the work, you will discover a perfume of my creation. The volatility of the perfume is like a beauty, which is revealed for an instant, and immediately after, disappears. The velvety touch as the smell dries recalls memories of the past. Each piece includes a bottle with a perfume extract that can be applied inside the brooch.
The fragrance is created by combining natural and synthetic components and can be described as aromatic, woody and balsamic with a deep smoky rose.