Naomi Goodsir: Cuir Velours

Naomi Goodsir: Cuir Velours

Like the luxurious feel of suede velvet, this exquisite scent envelops the skin in an air of depth and texture.

An intoxicating blend of rum, cistus labdanum, incense and immortelle - the everlasting flower - creates an atmosphere reminiscent of tobacco.

Drawing inspiration from the softness of men's leather gloves, it's truly unforgettable.

Cuir Velours is an absolutely unique fragrance.
It offers an olfactory experience that varies between leather and amber notes, with sweet and liqueur nuances.

The leather is soft to the touch, similar to velvet; helichrysum combined with tobacco makes the heat of this blend even more intense. A vague hint of apricot, soaked in rum, makes this fragrance even more rounded and fruity.

This fragrance has a sweet warmth, but is well balanced to the point that it is never too heavy. The incense gives it a meditative and modern look, creating a warm, sensual and elegant effect.

Julien Rasquinet , author of this fragrance is a true perfume artist and among his creations, Cuir Velours is truly incredible.

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