Selezione MJW: Label D: Dove il Legno di Quercia Millenario Incontra l'Artigianato Contemporaneo

MJW Selection: Label D: Where Millenary Oak Wood Meets Contemporary Craftsmanship

In the heart of Minsk, Belarus, designer and creator Daria Lutskevich founded Label D in 2012, a jewelry brand that pays homage to the rich history of Thousand-Year Oak. This unique material, with its deep and fascinating black color, owes its nuance to centuries spent submerged beneath the waters. Label D masterfully marries the ancient and the contemporary, weaving a story as old as time itself.

earrings by Daria Lutskevich

Oak Wood Relics - A Bridge between History and Humanity

Label D's bespoke relics seek to create a harmonious connection between Oakwood and humanity. These carefully crafted pieces transcend the material world, pushing into the realm of emotion and sensation. Each piece is a hymn to the beauty that goes beyond the tangible, a beauty that resides in the human soul.

Handmade with Dedication and Tradition

Each piece of Label D jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by local artisans in Belarus, individuals who have perfected their skills over the years through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation. These relics are more than just ornaments; they are bridges that connect the wearer to the world, promoting a feeling of happiness that goes beyond the visual and touches the soul.

A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Label D's commitment to the environment is evident in every step of their process. From the extraction of Oak Wood from rivers to its transportation, processing and drying, great attention is paid to preserving the environment. This eco-centric approach reflects the brand's dedication to both art and sustainability.

A Deep Shade of Black

The deep black shade of Oak Wood evokes deep and undisputed emotions. It calls to the depths of the human psyche, inviting interpretations as varied as the human experience itself. It is a canvas on which emotions are painted, without the need for words.

A disturbing, material and sinuous style

Label D's art style is best described as "disturbing", "textural" and "curvy". Their pieces challenge conventional notions of beauty, encouraging viewers to explore the boundaries of materiality and discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Meeting with Domna and Sophie

Two exceptional pieces from Label D's collection stand out. "Domna" is a limited edition necklace made with local thousand-year-old Oak Wood. Challenge expectations by creating the illusion of softness using a hard material. The “Sophie” earrings combine the contrasting elements of Oakwood and baroque pearls, offering a unique and alluring aesthetic that strikes a harmonious balance between earthy elegance and organic appeal.

In the world of jewelry, Label D is a beacon of innovation, history and artistry. Their creations serve as tangible reminders that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places and that appearances can often be deceiving. Label D isn't just about their art; it's about you and the world around you, uniting the ancient with the contemporary in a celebration of history, humanity and the enigmatic beauty of thousand-year-old Oak Wood.

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