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Signature candles

Signature candles

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This series of handcrafted signature candles is the result of the artistic creativity of the curator of our gallery.

The artist Carlo Lucidi imagined different suggestions to set his work: seasons , elements , situations , minerals.


  • Autumn : an evocative note of hazelnuts , rum and ylang flowers
  • Winter : sparkling like champagne , white like talc and delicate like lily of the valley


  • Water : it is movement and dynamism on notes of white flowers , citrus fruits and salt
  • Earth : nourishing like cocoa , profound like oud, sacred like incense
  • Air : delicate and fresh like everything that sways under its insistence: the eucalyptus , the flower petals and the incense smoke


  • Cobalt : bright, pigmented, brilliant, but also poisonous. Violets, Iris, Frangipane and sandalwood .


  • Contradiction : a fascinating and disturbing accord like a dissonant accord: coffee and salt , accompanied by a deep and whispered note of woods .
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