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The essence and art of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Prepare for a stay by savoring green tea, Japanese neroli, clouds of Okinawan flowers and guaiac wood.

As an ancient Japanese tea ceremony, Chadō (茶道) symbolizes a true Zen thought process, tranquility, mindfulness, simplicity and beauty in imperfections. Chadō by Amoln brings the Japanese tea ceremony experience into your environment through sophisticated scents of Japanese green tea and neroli, usually spotted in traditional tea houses. Guaiac wood, cloves and assorted Okinawan garden flowers, found in the accompanying ceremonial morsels, complete the journey of inner peace and calm.

Head - bergamot, lemon, orange, cloves
Heart - Jasmine, Violet, Green Tea
Bottom cedar wood, hay, guaiac wood

270G | 9.5 oz
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