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Hermann à mes cotés me paressaît une ombre

Hermann à mes cotés me paressaît une ombre

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Chypre, Spicy

Your shadow could be your perfume. It's your alter ego. A modern and gothic chypre.

This perfume is the son and grandson of the XIX siècle of Lagarde and Michard.

It was born from the poetry of Victor Hugo. A gothic and eternal seduction. To feel made of flesh and marble like a supine statue that has suffered so much over the centuries.

Nothing more, nothing less.
Dark was the night and the forest gloomy.
At my side Hermann was like a ghost.
The horses galloping. May God guide them!
The clouds in the sky looked like marble.
Stars flew through the treetops
Like a flock of fiery birds.

I am full of regrets. Broken by pain.
Hermann's spirit has lost hope.
I am full of regrets. My loves, sleep!
As we walked this green desert,
Hermann told me: “I think of the half-open tombs”;
“I think,” I replied, “of the now closed tombs.”

He looks forward and I look back,
The horses gallop in the middle of a clearing;
The wind carries the echo of a distant angelus
“I am thinking of those whom existence afflicts.
Those who still are, those who still live."
“I think”, I replied: “Of those who have died”.

The fountains sang. What words were they singing?
The oaks whispered. What were they murmuring?
The shrubs whispered like old friends.
Hermann told me: “The living cannot sleep,
There are eyes that watch, there are eyes that cry."
I replied: “And others lie asleep.”

Hermann then continued: “Life is misfortune.
The dead no longer suffer. Finally I am at peace!
How I envy the grass-covered graves
On which autumn leaves fall
And the night caresses with its sweet flames;
For the radiant sky calms all souls in every grave!”

I replied to him: “Silence, respect the great mystery!
The dead are lying in the land you prize.
The dead are the hearts that once loved you,
Your extinct angel! I'm your father and your mother!
You must not sadden them with bitter irony.
As if through a dream they hear us speak."

Top notes: Black pepper, Galbanum, Blackcurrant buds
Heart notes: Incense, Geosmine, Rose
Base notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Ambroxan

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