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Les fleurs du dechet - I am trash

Les fleurs du dechet - I am trash

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Floral, fruity

Dear world: don't throw anything away anymore because the ferments of great love are redistilled at the bottom of our waste baskets. A fragrance based on recycled ingredients.


On my mother's side, I am a child from a forgotten coast of distant New Caledonia. At the mouth of the Ngoye River live the Borindi, who since the dawn of time have known the fundamental principle of harmony with nature: to take only the truly necessary resources and preserve the future. They know the secret of humanity's future and in the shade of the flowering tea tree or jacaranda they guide our first steps towards this new creation from Etat Libre d'Orange.

In the early 2000s, when my children were young and I was a hopeful thirty-year-old conquering the world, before going every night with them to visit landfills so that they were well stocked, I showed them a film by science fiction animation that was called “The Titan Project”. Watching it, I memorized the introduction, which read:

“Once in a great while man unlocks a secret so profound that it can change the universe, fire, electricity, splitting the atoms, at the dawn of the 21st century we invented the titan program...”

Les Fleurs du Déchet contains some of this romantic and titanic science fiction poetry, which proceeds with a slow, sure and necessary movement to reinvent, thanks to the recovery of waste, the production cycles in all sectors. We want this perfume to convey a message that ensures the survival of species through seduction, but above all, that it serves the planet by transforming our miasma into beauty.

We believe that the era of a post-religious “jihad” of an often disillusioned and polluting West is approaching, which will give way to a new animism. Those who have committed crimes against the environment are repenting and democracies are recognizing nature as the sacred focus of sharing and the world. The beliefs of primitives and ancient tribes are back and ask for our full support. This perfume is the spokesperson for a universal message: beauty can be born from dirt, which "will wash away wine stains and vomiting, taking away both rudder and grappling hook".

Les Fleurs du Déchet is the passage into adulthood of Sécrétions Magnifiques, in 2018 it was a counter-revolution for Etat Libre d'Orange, always radical and overwhelming, but which is good for the world.

Givaudan, Ogilvy and Etat Libre d'Orange collaborate in the service of Mother Nature to ask her forgiveness with a fragrance and let the whole world know, loudly and urgently, that it will soon be too late.

Dear world: don't throw anything away anymore because the ferments of great love are redistilled at the bottom of our waste baskets; garbage trucks contain flowers that can still bleed, peels that can still be used to create, fumes that can give us honeyed notes. And we can still reprocess the floating concretions we throw away at sea and the exudates with their mystical symbols of primitive tribes.

Paraphrasing and slightly distorting Alan Paton: “Cry, my beloved planet”, for the unborn child; don't let me love too much this Earth that is slipping away…

So before it's burnt or too late, let's (s)pray le Seigneur des déchets, my dear Lord of leftovers.

- Etienne de Swardt

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