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Sous le pont Mirabeau

Sous le pont Mirabeau

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Woody, Fresh

A perfume to save us all, alcohol on the water of our essences, bergamot and pink pepper interspersed with notes of fig in a glass bottle.

"Hope is violent.

Mirabeau: a triumph of vowels with a Parisian scent, suspended over the Seine to compose a memory or to ferry us to the shore following a trail of sandalwood , pink pepper and cedar .
In the heart of the Ville Lumière, following the river towards dusk, we find a bridge, a poem and a perfume.
A discreet and symbolic bridge, which embodies the constructive spirit that crosses borders and unites by sublimating. Solid foundations of cedar, sandalwood and orcanox that cross love and embrace its hints of musk.
A slow and violent poem, the brutal and fascinating hope of those who want to believe that she still loves him. Vanilla, I write your name in the delicate trace of incense and violet leaves.
A perfume to save us all, fish us out in silence on the Seine and finally reunite body and soul with violence: alcohol on the water of our essences, bergamot and pink pepper interspersed with notes of fig in a glass bottle.
There are bridges where the promises of lovers are chained, others that have seen great battles written in history and still others that future generations will admire for their architectural perfection. All famous bridges, for one reason or another.
But there is a bridge that does not need chains, battles or works of genius to remain etched in our memories: it is the Pont Mirabeau, for which the few verses of Apollinaire's poetry were enough.
It's true, they are still the verses of a great poet that speak of love, and of an unhappy love. Apollinaire composes them for Marie, his beloved who has just left him, but he doesn't tell us this, he only lets us imagine it. On the other hand, don't we already review the story of so many lovers, of a love that flows away like the days and the water of the river?
The perfume that bears the same name as the Pont Mirabeau wants to embody the strength that resists the waves of the Seine and the passage of time of which it is an impassive witness, as the final repetition of the first verse states. But the delicacy of the fragrances combined with this base also expresses the melancholy of past loves, while an acute note stands out as a witness of violent Hope.
The union of strength and delicacy makes this perfume the symbolic bridge of the hands of the poet and his Marie, and at the same time symbolizes the eternal story of all lovers, like Apollinaire.
Not the loves of legends, made immortal by death and burning with a passion that resists the ravages of time, but the all too human ones, which we believed to be eternal and which are consumed instead in a day, flowing away like river water.
Apollinaire and Marie certainly loved each other, but the poet is a "winged thing" says Plato, he flies and lets himself be attracted by a thousand flowers with voluptuous scents. And the girl we imagine fragile and defenseless is actually a woman full of passion and intense feelings who want exclusivity and don't contemplate forgiveness. She will be the one to put an end to the relationship, and neither the poet's pleas nor promises will be able to change her decision.
Thus Apollinaire will forever become the man rejected by the two women he had intensely loved. From this desperation will be born "The song of the unloved" and "The Mirabeau Bridge". Yet one day he will be able to bid them a serene farewell:
I plucked this thread of heather
Remember autumn is dead
We will never see each other again on this earth
Of heather branch smell of time
And don't forget that I'm waiting for you
Paris, January 2022
Suzanne Julliard-Agie & Etienne de Swardt"

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