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You or someone like you

You or someone like you

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Fresh, Floral

This perfume represents the women of Los Angeles; once foreign but now indigenous; very exposed to the dreams of the world of Hollywood cinema, but still uncontaminated by its materialistic mechanisms.

“Possibility in the blue air”, an English phrase to remember that this perfume contains the essence of the hills and blue sky of Los Angeles, a city where everything is possible for those with determination and willpower.

Once again the perfume reveals an unexpected side, exactly like the philosophy of Etat Libre d'Orange: not asphalt, but a green work of cut grass, mint, chlorophyll, rubbed geranium leaves and white moss. A silent and majestic garden rose closes the deal, exactly as Anne Rosenbaum, the heroine of Chandler Burr's novel “You or someone like you” from which the perfume draws inspiration, would have wanted.

Chandler Burr, feared and respected journalist of the perfume industry, takes to the field and creates a perfume for all those looking for originality and character; in the universal and particular bottle they crystallize, like two reluctant lovers.

“Possibility in the blue air”.

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