Chi è Carlo Lucidi?

Who is Carlo Lucidi?

Carlo Lucidi, the person behind the gallery

Carlo Lucidi is an artist, set designer, stylist and costume designer, who has decided to bring his passion for art to the aesthetic field as well, selecting pieces of art to wear, such as contemporary jewelery and niche perfumes.

Contemporary jewels: art to wear

The contemporary jewels selected by Carlo Lucidi are wearable works of art. Each piece is made by contemporary artists who use innovative techniques and unusual materials to create unique and original jewels.

  • Svetlana Prigoditch: Dutch artist who creates jewelry using synthetic materials such as resin and polymer clay, infusing them with perfume.
  • Ana Hagopian: Argentinian designer creates jewelery using traditional papermaking techniques, creating forms inspired by nature.
  • Samuel Coraux: French artist who creates jewels by transforming his 2D designs into a three-dimensional line, sometimes with very intense, other minimalist colors.

Niche perfumes: art to smell

The niche perfumes selected by Carlo Lucidi are works of art to smell. Each perfume is created by niche perfumers who use natural and rare ingredients to create unique and inimitable fragrances.

  • Naomi Goodsir: brand of the Australian artist, who tells her black, three-dimensional and material world in six niche perfumes.
  • Etat Libre d'Orange: French brand that professes itself as the Free State of perfume, claiming complete creative freedom.
  • Une Nuit Nomade: French brand which is a confirmation: yes, a perfume makes you travel.

Wearing a contemporary jewel or smelling a niche perfume selected by the Carlo Lucidi Gallery is like immersing yourself in a work of art, a unique and unrepeatable aesthetic experience.

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