Naomi Goodsir

Introducing Naomi Goodsir

Since 2015, fashion enthusiasts have noticed the unique talent of the amazing stylist, -Naomi-. From his reworked hats to his one-of-a-kind scarves and bags, Vogue Italia saw fit to place this creative genius on their list of emerging pioneers. Each piece he creates is imbued with a captivating aura and is filled with lively energy from top to bottom.

Anyone who has met Naomi Goodsir cannot fail to be impressed. The Australian designer conveys an unconventional elegance. The milliner's creations carry with them a mysterious charge capable of attracting every passerby. His handcrafted hats express superiority and rebellion at the same time.

For 15 years, this creator has dedicated her passion to millinery with unique handmade pieces that respect the traditional sartorial technique. Using fine fabrics from the Living Heritage Companies (EPV), she is proud to carry forward craftsmanship in the art.

June 2013 marked a significant moment for Naomi and her models when Lidewij Edelkoort selected one of her bags for exhibition in "Fetishism in Fashion" at the Arnhem Fashion Biennale.

Its success inspired her to carve her own path, taking her from Sydney all the way to the English National Opera in London and then further collaborations with designers abroad, particularly in France.

An iconic extension of the famous Naomi Goodsir world is enclosed in the unique perfumes formulated with Renaud Coutaudier.

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