Une nuit nomade

A nomadic night

The Une Nuit Nomade project was born with the intention of gracefully awakening your desire to wander from one continent to another, in search of captivating and breathtaking destinations.

' Une Nuit Nomade ' also invites you to embark on an immobile journey, where every inch of your skin becomes a new territory, destined to reveal a new fragrance, a new emotion.

The art of travel is imagining other lands, entering unknown worlds, leaving one's own land and returning, gaining precious experiences.

Becoming an olfactory nomad means navigating to a new world where old habits are left behind.

Change fragrance, change scenery and explore an unstoppable chemistry, playing with the invisible.

Take a philosophy of life, a curiosity, a desire to take on another form and become floral, oriental, citrus, woody, adventurous or romantic.

There is no end to exploring the world of fragrances.

The founders

" Une Nuit Nomade " has a strong personality, expressed through journeys to unique and surprising destinations.

The journey is conceived as a discovery of extraordinary places: the olfactory nomadism made possible by the fragrance.

Our connection to our body and mind has always been there. For Alexandra, this means practicing Ashtanga yoga all over the world; Philippe is a Shiatsu practitioner with a particular focus on listening to the body and traditional ancestral medicine.
The two pay close attention to the natural aspect, especially when it is wilder and more real.

It was important for them to create a brand that respected their values.

That's why each of the ingredients is the perfect balance of pure chemistry and high quality natural ingredients. They select packaging materials based on their commitment to environmental protection and select suppliers and collaborators who participate in the creation of a responsible economy.

'Une Nuit Nomade' expresses a philosophy of life through its different destinations: the desire to slow down, anchor time and space, meditate, enjoy every moment and respect our surroundings.

"Une Nuit Nomade" was conceived while the two creators were working for Universal Music, when Alexandra was the artistic director and Philippe was the marketing director. It was important for them to take up this art world and express it in various forms. This includes the use of poetry to tell stories which are transformed into fragrances by award-winning noses and illustrated in a unique painting style by the talented Roxane Lagache.

It is a call for a sensory experience full of life.

'Une Nuit Nomade' documents with elegance and purity our vision of a world in which nature, luxury and well-being are inextricably linked, and awakens an awakening to endless olfactory nomadism.

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