Selezione MJW: Austin Turley: Esploratore delle Complessità del Vetro Fuso

MJW Selection: Austin Turley: Explorer of the Complexities of Fused Glass

Austin Turley is an artist based in Portland, Oregon, whose works and images investigate themes related to presence, memory, language and time. He works in different formats, using the act of collecting and accumulating as a starting point for his artistic creations.

An Award-Winning Artistic Path

Turley received his BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and has received numerous awards, including residencies and grants. He has exhibited his works throughout the United States and abroad and is represented by the prestigious Alfa Gallery.

The Exploration of Molten Glass

As he continues to explore the complexities of molten glass, Turley's focus and research revolves around the language of the medium itself, its behavior, characteristics and properties. He believes that emphasizing these rhythms, patterns and formations can act as a conduit to things beyond the glass itself and its seemingly simple physical existence. His goal is to create a presence within the unnoticed and challenge how we perceive, experience and deal with our conditions.

Spontaneity and Art

Spontaneity, improvisation and his original artistic techniques are the result of acute observations, which can lead to finding relevance in the unexpected. Turley believes his ways of creating parallel those of artisanal techniques, exploring the notion that science and mystical thought are equivalent approaches to understanding the world around us. This correspondence is a layered iterative process of disassembly and reassembly, involving strategies of repetition, interference and interruption.

An Award-winning Artist in Milan

During Milan Jewelry Week, Austin Turley received important awards, including the Bryna Pomp award, which represents an important step forward in his artistic career. The Galleria Carlo Lucidi award is further recognition of his ability to shape molten glass into works that defy expectations and straddle the border between art and craftsmanship.

Austin Turley is an artist whose exploration of molten glass goes beyond the physical surface, delving into the depths of the language and aesthetics of the medium. His works invite us to reflect on the nuances of presence, memory and time, challenging conventions and opening new paths in contemporary artistic jewellery. We are proud to have recognized his talent and rewarded him during Milan Jewelry Week, and we look forward to continuing to follow his extraordinary artistic evolution.

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