Selezione MJW: Lamia Saab: La Gioielleria come Mezzo di Ribellione

MJW Selection: Lamia Saab: Jewelery as a Means of Rebellion

Ever since she was a child, Lamia Saab has felt like the black sheep of the family, a rebel with a passion for causes like equality and respect. As a jewelry artist with a mixed background, Lamia expresses herself through her high-end handcrafted jewelry, often made from precious materials, usually carrying with it a subtle symbol. But the rise of intolerance has pushed her to shout these ideas outright. At first glance, his pieces appear decorative in a distinctive style, but upon closer inspection they show a rebellious appearance.

A Political Art with Jewels

Lamia Saab has a decidedly political approach to art, placing powerful messages within her works. This is evident in his creations exhibited during Milan Jewelry Week. A significant example is the "No more silence" collection, which includes jewels such as "Silence Is Not Always Golden 1", a ring with a powerful message. At first glance, it seems like a playful ring with an unusual design, but closer observation reveals a sharp message.

Rebel Messages with Lamia's Jewels

“Silence Is Not Always Golden 2” is another example of this provocative approach. Also from the "No more silence" collection, this handcrafted sterling silver two-finger ring with an aquamarine set in 23k gold was designed so that the stone appears to almost cover both fingers. This seemingly sophisticated architectural design hides a rebellious and urgent message: do not remain silent in the face of injustice.

Lamia Saab transforms jewelry art into a means of rebellion, challenging conventions and echoing powerful social messages through her creations. Her art is not just aesthetic, but a cry against injustice and intolerance, demonstrating that jewels can be much more than simple ornaments - they can be tools of change and awareness.

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