Selezione MJW: Nana Watanabe: Gioielli Giapponesi tra Arte e Leggerezza

MJW Selection: Nana Watanabe: Japanese Jewelery between Art and Lightness

Nana, a Japanese jewelry designer, has charted an extraordinary artistic path that fuses the experience gained from working with leading Japanese fashion brands, including the renowned ISSEY MIYAKE, with her personal vision and influences from around the world. In 2017, she launched her brand, ARRO, bringing to the world an extraordinary jewelry collection that enchants with its lightness and originality.

Nana watanabe - Arro - fabric shell ring, contemporary jewel

The Influence of ISSEY MIYAKE and Flemish Art

Nana's experience as a designer at ISSEY MIYAKE is clearly evident in her work. His ability to create unique shapes and colors recalls the inspiration of Flemish still lifes and the world of Hieronymus Bosch. In particular, the colors used in her jewels seem suspended between Western art and the shades loved by contemporary Japanese culture.

Artistic Expression with Threads and Fabrics

Nana draws inspiration from embroidery and fabrics from all over the world, interpreting them in a modern way through the use of the embroidery machine. What is most striking in her collection are the intense colors and unique shapes, which do not find a correspondence in reality, but rather in the designer's imaginary paradise. ARRO jewelry is primarily made using rayon threads and polyester fabrics, and despite this, it exudes a one-of-a-kind feeling of luxury and originality. Each piece is a work of art that creates a unique space between artistic and fashion jewelry. Innocence, capriciousness and elegance come together in every jewel.

The Dreamlike and the Harmony of Lightness

Nana's work embodies a sense of authentic lightness, playful and almost childlike, which fascinates everyone who observes it. The dreamlike atmosphere of her jewels transports the wearer into a world of fantasy and creativity.

Exhibitions and Awards

Nana has shared her extraordinary work with the world through jewelry shows and displays. She held a solo exhibition in 2021 titled "UNDER the PALMO" in Hayama, Japan, and has been featured in several group exhibitions in Japan and around the world, including a participation in MILANO JEWELRY WEEK 2023 and EARRING GALORE 2023 -2024 during NYC Jewelry Week in New York. His presence in these events testifies to the international recognition of his art.

Nana has successfully faced the challenge of lightness in her jewellery, creating works that combine elegance, innovation and lightness. His ability to blend it with creativity is a true artistic triumph. We are thrilled to welcome Nana's creations to our gallery and share them with the world. Stay tuned for further updates on the exclusive exhibition of this extraordinary Japanese jewelry designer.

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