Selezione MJW: Wenyin Jiang: Illuminando il Mondo dei Gioielli Cinetici

MJW Selection: Wenyin Jiang: Illuminating the World of Kinetic Jewellery Wenyin Jiang: Illuminating the World of Kinetic Jewellery

In the vibrant city of Milan, during the prestigious Milan Jewelry Week, we had the privilege of discovering a true gem among emerging talents: Wenyin Jiang. This exceptional jewellery designer and gemmologist, with a background in economics, has successfully blended her logical mind with the worlds of art and technology, creating a unique realm of artistic jewellery. Her "Nibiru" collection represents an exciting balance between emotional and rational art.

Wenyin Jiang

Wenyin Jiang, based between London and Shanghai, chose Central Saint Martins to nurture her artistic passion. During her studies, she found the key to creating an emotional and rational union by incorporating electronic components, metals, glass, sound art, and gemstones into a wearable art collection she aptly named "Nibiru". This collection is a contemporary ode that draws from both emotion and reason, giving life to pieces that capture the imagination.

Wenyin Jiang's inspiration is drawn from great masters of kinetic art such as Tinguely and Calder, as well as influences from artists like Friedrich Becker, Man Ray, Therese Hilbert, and Herman Hermsen. These masters have helped shape her style and infuse her creations with a sense of movement and balance.

What truly sets Wenyin's art apart is the use of top-tier materials. Her skill in working with precious metals, glass, and gemstones is evident in every piece in her collection. Wenyin has created specific wearable kinetic "devices" for communication with the Anunnaki, an intriguing aspect of her artistic vision. One of her masterpieces, "ORION," part of the NIBIRU collection, embeds physical sound to stimulate wearers' multisensory perceptions. Each piece is a meticulously handcrafted work of art by Wenyin herself, featuring borosilicate glass processed with diamond tools and carefully crafted metal parts.

Her unique style is undeniably kinetic, captivating the viewer with a play of balance, movement, and gravity that fascinates and astounds.

During Milan Jewelry Week, Wenyin Jiang was awarded by the prestigious Galleria Carlo Lucidi, a testament to the recognition of her talent. Furthermore, she received acclaim from the Brazilian gallery Alice Floriano and the prestigious Artistar 2023 award.

Wenyin Jiang is not only an exceptional artist but also a person with a kind and radiant spirit, shining as brightly as her jewellery's surface. Her dedication to art and her prowess in kinetic innovation are an inspiration to us all.

We look forward to hosting Wenyin's extraordinary creations in our gallery and sharing them with the world. Stay tuned for further updates on the exclusive exhibition of this talented artist and to continue exploring the wonderful world of artistic jewellery.

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