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Exit the king

Exit the king

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Floral, Chypre

The story of a fall. The fall of certainties, but above all the fall of a power. A modern and timeless chypre.

Nothing can regulate us.

The curtain rises on the universe of rue des Archives 69, in the Marais, in Paris. This place is like a border between the old world that ends and the new one that begins. In the distance, the pale moon can be seen setting over the towers of Notre Dame. A man and a woman are in a perfume shop, surrounded by bottles. He has succumbed to a fallen ruler and is doomed to his fate. She is the new soul, the new role, the desired and conquering woman. She is the denunciation, a little contemptuous. The flutter of her eyelashes and the scent-testing mouillette in her hand declare that the moment of glory is now hers.

It is November 16, 2019.

“- EXIT THE KING, a perfume to dream of entropy? Etienne, you've lost your mind, you're raving, entropy has nothing to do with perfume.

- But yes Lola, you got it right. EXIT THE KING, a perfume to dream of entropy, entropy is beautiful, don't you think?

- Hanging on the gallows, you say these three words as a farewell to this restless world.

- There is nothing for you to understand, innocent girl. It is about creating a perfume like a Loire castle, a perfume that could stand higher than the Château de Blois, higher than the terrace where the last Valois watched the sun set in its glory. And then disappear, die, as if by magic before the fall. With the murmur of a kiss in the moment of glory and then a humble return to something else. A sumptuous perfume, of love and goodness for the new world and forgetting the old oppressive powers. Resolutely chypre.

- Welcome to the new world, is that what you mean?

- Yes, Lola, provided it is chypre, modern and eternal like this perfume.”

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