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And Frustration is what we need my friend.
By the Vanilla I remain.


Top notes : Cumin HE, Cinnamon HE, Rum Pure Jungle Essence™
Heart Notes : Vanilla Pure Jungle Essence™, Vanilla Absolute, Cistus Absolute
Base Notes : Chestnut Wood Accord, Bourbon Vetiver HE, Vinyl Gaiacol – MANE Biotech

A perfume is a mix. An encounter between words and materials to explain the reason for a fragrance, but without exposing yourself too much. frustration.

During the summer a few years ago, while walking along the Ramblas in Barcelona, ​​I was listening to a song by Rare Bird, an English progressive rock band from the 1970s. The song was called Sympathy and the chorus was " and sympathy is what you need my friend, and sympathy is what you need my friend cause there's not enough love to go 'round, No, there's not enough love to go 'round... ". Suddenly, with the richness of a psychoanalytic past (according to Lacan) —the same past which, at times, imposes my strength on others or my greatest weakness on myself— a word stronger than pity emerged from the refrain . The seed of melancholy was established in the heart of my mind and a more correct, vaster, truer, more sincere and more useful word came out, as it was forged in the experience of life: FRUSTRATION . So, I started singing in my head the modified chorus " ...And frustration is what you need my friend, and frustration is what you need my friend. "

  Frustration , the eldest daughter of renunciation, as well as the sister of perfume, because perfume advances like frustration in the game of love.

Give and take away something. A fullness never satisfied, a pleasure begun but never achieved, an infinite desire without conclusion, without apotheosis, an infusion that excites, seduces, calms, dominates and annoys, like a Ravel's Bolero. frustration.

So, take a vanilla bean, a garden rose with puffy red petals, a dash of old amber rum, bourbon vetiver… And start feeling them. frustration.

Breathe, savor the unheard-of essence of the berries, an exquisite fermentation that is never enough and that increases your desire…” Again, again… Bring out that dull-minded child who wants to enjoy and devour this chestnut wood , this cinnamon or this vetiver until they burst, to then immerse themselves, satisfied, in the poetry of the fragrance. " Frustration.

This is the love game of perfume, this is the love game according to Musset, Shakespeare or Racine. And it's much better this way because satisfaction kills while desire allows you to live, creating movement across a distance that increases each time, so as not to allow you to consume the pleasure in a murderous rage. frustration.

Blessed are the consumers of desire, unhappy are those of enjoyment.

  Frustration , a perfume that awakens the strong child in the fragile adult or the fragile child in the too strong adult. A perfume that takes you back to the power of vanilla, rum and vetiver.

An extraordinary state that you must reach in order to be able to live passionately with the child in you, with the memory of what is missing.

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