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Poetic earrings 1+1

Poetic earrings 1+1

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In our online shop, art, ceramics and literature come together to create unique and fascinating earrings. Our ceramic earrings glazed with third-fire colors are true works of art, created with 3D printing technology and inspired by famous quotes.

Each pair of earrings is a statement of style and culture, with quotes carefully engraved to convey the depth of literature into your jewelry. Among the creations of 3DClayMakers, you will find quotes taken from the chapter. XX of Dante Alighieri 's Vita nuova , a masterpiece of poetry and passion that celebrates love and the rebirth of the soul.

But that's not all: our collection also includes quotes from Guillaume Apollinaire 's The Breasts of Tiresias , a work that challenges conventions and gender identity, bringing a breath of boldness and originality into your life.

Each pair of earrings is carefully crafted, with the ceramic molded and 3D printed, then fired at 1260° to give it strength and durability. Third-fire enamelling adds color and vibrant beauty, transforming each earring into a small masterpiece.

Wearing one of these earrings means carrying with you an iconic quote, a declaration of love for literature and a touch of elegance on every occasion. Every time you wear them, you can celebrate the power of words and human creativity.

Choose a pair of our glazed ceramic earrings and let beauty and poetry accompany you wherever you go. With us, you can express your love for literature and add a touch of culture and style to your everyday look.

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