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Putain des palaces

Putain des palaces

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Dusty, Leathery

The treatment of a fatal woman. A thin veil of lipstick, the lovely sweetness of almond, followed by a light trace of velvety skin. This luxurious scent captures the essence of a femme fatale, creating a captivating and mysterious air that is sure to turn heads.

The absolute sensual fantasy.

As a top note, the powdery fragrance of a woman who dresses to seduce; the delicate trace of a lipstick, the rustle of lace. Intimate ritual of the femme fatale who has long opened a breach through the fragile armor of men. His sophistication and his hidden affairs are intriguing. Behind a touch of bitter almond, like a secret revealed, a delicate, fluid and malleable hint of leather introduces what will follow: the boudoir, the hands sinking into the leather of the sofa and the palpable presence of animal pleasure. Every woman is ultimately a enchantress, who dreams of giving in to her desires at the bar counter of a luxury hotel, of letting her fantasies free in the secrecy of an elevator and of surrendering to pure sensuality wrapped in silk sheets.

Top notes: Mandarin, Orpur® Ginger Essence, Raspberry
Heart notes: Iris, Rose Absolute, Orpur® Geranium Essence
Base notes: Orpur® tonka bean, sandalwood, musk

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