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Sun Bleached

Sun Bleached

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Clean linen accord • White Flowers • Bergamot • Ambrette absolute

Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, also known as the White City.

The sun floods the immaculate walls with its rays. It's a bright light that makes you squint. Omanis roam the streets, elegantly dressed in their dishdashas, ​​white tunics decorated with a pom-pom that is delicately dipped in perfume.

'Sun Bleached', a bleached Sun, is adorned with freshness, in a light linen accord, white flowers and a sparkling flight of fruit peeled like a bite of orange, with white musks and sandalwood surrounding its explosiveness.

Sun Bleached is an eau de parfum produced in France from Une nuit nomade , the first chapter of an olfactory journey in Oman.

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