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Une amourette

Une amourette

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Spicy, Woody

Une Amourette was created to do for you what an original, unique and refined dress can do. This is perfumed fashion.

Is it a passing idea, a momentary glance, a brief meeting or something else? Will it last, will it last forever? Does it really matter? This is the moment, this is what it feels like.

We at Etat Libre d'Orange have always been intrigued by the relationship between fashion and perfume. Associations and relationships between the two are common and many fashion houses have developed fragrances that relate in some way to their brand. And a few years ago, Etienne had the opportunity to create this link for Etat Libre d'Orange.

One evening, a certain designer came to see me and discussed the possibility of creating a fragrance that mirrored his collection.
He has a face, a voice that I like, class to spare, disturbing when he looks at you and then he is a beautiful soul nourished by the limelight of the 80s such as Wild Nights, Tainted Love and the eternal and still modern rhythms of Soft Cell.

He is a border man and this suits our House very, very well, which ironically manages double nature, double language and gender confusion as a precious roughness to be worn next to the skin; He needed a perfume that recalled his story, that of mixed blood rubbed as a child in the sun of Lourdes, mixed with the values ​​and traditions of his motherland, the Alma Mater where people believe in miracles and in the salvation of the soul and which makes good men know best of all the price of a pound of bloody meat between Shakespeare and the butcher's shop. And all this goes away at the age of 18, a small town boy and Apollo forces Paris and then London to skilfully capitalize on his beautiful aesthetics and the talent of the hands that assemble and design the factories.
An innate sense of relational skills and the sublimation of silhouettes so that bodies reign supreme, because for him, as for us, women are the future of men. In her savoir-faire and sense of thrill there is a sublime completion of the techniques of seduction, a true aesthetic of combat, struggle and passion, and this is well suited to a perfume that pushes the limits further. Proustian myth of the Madeleine in the mouth, a Lover with a heart and a body whose fleshy flavors and distant and delicious echoes of loss and renunciation are well known.

And then, for the success of a perfume at the Etat Libre d'Orange, it takes a skilful hand-to-hand fight between two beautiful souls and Daniela liked it so much that it suited him too. An alchemy in which the best worlds, materials and talents between France and England are mixed, forever linked to each other well over a hundred years in a carousel of love to feel alive and never forget that Une Amourette never it's never too good when you know in advance what life will last.

Over the next few days, when we were sober and realistic, we all realized that the time was not right. But we have never forgotten that extraordinary evening and the ideas that came out of it. And it was inevitable that the concept of fashion and perfume would stay with us. As a stylist, we believe in bold aesthetics, in provocation, in sensuality. We want our creations to allow customers to define themselves or become someone else. A stylist drapes the bodies, we drape the skin. We use the same words: fusion, structure, magic, eroticism.

Une Amourette was created to do for you what an original, unique and refined dress can do. This is perfumed fashion.

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