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Poetic Vases

Poetic Vases

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Welcome to our online shop, where art and poetry come together in an extraordinary synergy. Thanks to 3DClayMakers, we present you a unique collection of 3D printed glazed porcelain vases, where each piece is a visual representation of iconic poetic verses.

Inspiration comes from the great masters of literature and each vase is carefully shaped to capture the essence of famous poems. The particular shape of the vase guides the choice of verses to apply, thus creating a fusion between visual beauty and the depth of poetic expression.

Among the works that inspire our collection, you will find Giacomo Leopardi 's Canto notte , which evokes the melancholy of starry nights, as well as Cecco Angiolieri 's vibrant S'io fossili foco , which celebrates the inner fire of the soul. We invite you to also explore the romanticism of Torquato Tasso through Aminta and the intriguing mystery of Franz Kafka 's Letter to Milena .

The creation of these vases is a meticulous artisanal process, in which every detail is taken care of with passion and dedication. After 3D printing the porcelain and firing, each vase becomes a unique and precious creation. Each piece is the work of 3DClayMakers, expert craftsmen who put their talent at the service of art and poetry.

Choosing a vase from our collection means taking home not only a piece of art, but also an emotional experience. Each vase tells a story, expresses a feeling and adds a touch of beauty and poetry to your daily life.

We invite you to explore our collection and choose the vase that resonates with your soul. Bring poetry into your home with 3DClayMakers vases and discover the harmony between form and verse that only we can offer you.

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