Collection: Ada Love

Ada Love was born from Mariana Genoveze's desire to explore the multiplicity of materials such as silver, gold, wax and, more recently, glass, all of which play a role in her poetics, expanding the limits of the production of contemporary jewels towards diversity, deciphering their innate possibilities, digging into their particularity and always respecting their boundaries. Mariana's research concerns form in its purest meaning, without empty words and frills.

The Bolha collection is the result of an experiment with the ancient technique of glass blowing from a contemporary perspective. From the breath of a ball I begin to explore the organic and unexpected curves that fire causes when it heats the bubble. To finish, color is added to the translucent glass with vaporized gold or silver, which turns into shades of purple, pink and orange. The choice of borosilicate glass was considered for its resistance without losing the lightness of glass.

The Biomórfico earring is made using glass blowing techniques and really seems to have a life of its own. When heating a glass tube, I never know exactly what shape will come out, regardless of my intention to control it. Its organic shapes display vibrant spirals of purple, pink, orange and yellow in the translucent glass, thanks to silver and gold fuming, which adds an ethereal charm. Made with durable borosilicate glass, each piece is a unique wearable work of art.

Bolha earrings
Before I learned to blow glass, I already imagined the concept of the Bolha earring: a large glass bubble floating on the ears, light but powerful, with only a thin silver ring to support it. Each bubble can have its own personality, sometimes a perfect bubble, sometimes squashed and other times more organic as if it were alive. Its ethereal colors are added by the magic of chemistry, gold and silver vaporized in the flame creating shades of pink and yellow.

Fire is the materialization of energy, the means of imparting transformation into different materials. By heating metals, wax or glass it is possible to subject it to a new form, discovering its possibilities, an exchange between myself and the material, where I always learn from it.