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Caravansérail Intense

Caravansérail Intense

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Towards the East: the adventure among the sands begins. Caravansérail Intense is a meeting point between different lands, where the coffee route and the spice route merge. This place of historic hospitality, close to arid deserts, welcomes bold explorers and wandering souls around a traditional, warm and enveloping coffee, whose fragrances reveal the fresh nuances of cardamom seeds. Fruity notes and liqueur enrich this sublime blend. Cinnamon and cloves are delicately scattered, while a duet of patchouli and sandalwood adds a woody intensity. Finally, a powerful sandy breeze with amber and dry notes underlines the immortelle, vanilla and tonka bean.

Top notes: Coffee Absolute, Plum, Raspberry

Heart notes: Cardamom Essence, Clove Essence, Cinnamon Essence, Heart Patchouli Essence, Sandalwood Essence

Base notes: Dry Amber Accord, Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute, Helichrysum Absolute

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