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Necklace with double poetic pendant

Necklace with double poetic pendant

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In our online shop, craftsmanship, spirituality and beauty come together to create unique and meaningful necklaces. 3DClayMakers' square pendant necklaces, in unglazed ceramic, embellished with third-fire colors, are an incredible expression of art and culture.

Each necklace is an authentic work of art, with the ceramic pendant engraved with famous quotes from the Writings of Buddha, a source of age-old wisdom and inspiration. By wearing these necklaces, you can carry with you a message of inner peace, wisdom and mindfulness, offering a connection with the words that have guided generations in search of inner truth.

Each necklace is the result of a meticulous artisanal process, from manual slab modeling to 1260° firing, which gives the ceramic unique durability and beauty. The decoration with the Third Fire technique and subsequent firing at 800° give the pendants a vibrant and evocative appearance.

The colorful Greek leather thread that completes each necklace adds a touch of authenticity and style, creating a balance between tradition and modernity.

Wearing one of these necklaces means carrying with you not only a jewel of rare beauty, but also a symbol of wisdom and serenity. Every time you wear it, you will be reminded of the importance of inner research and connection with spirituality.

Choose one of our ceramic square pendant necklaces and let beauty and wisdom guide you every moment. With us, you can express your spirituality and celebrate the depths of culture with style and meaning.

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