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Single Poetic Pendant Necklace

Single Poetic Pendant Necklace

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In our eclectic online shop, where art, poetry and ceramics come together, these unique and evocative necklaces could not be missing. These unglazed ceramic square pendant necklaces, painted with the Third Fire technique, are an incredible celebration of literature and art .

Each necklace is a masterpiece of simplicity and elegance, with the square ceramic pendant carrying carefully engraved famous quotes. Among our creations, you will find quotes from The Breasts of Tiresias by Guillaume Apollinaire , a work that challenges conventions and gender identity, bringing a breath of boldness and originality into your life.

But there is more: our collection also includes Virgil 's famous phrase, Omnia vincit amor , taken from the tenth Eclogue of the Bucolics. This quote is a hymn to universal love and the eternal strength of human affection, and wearing it is a way to celebrate the beauty of love in all its forms.

Our ceramic square pendant necklaces are expertly crafted, with the ceramic colored using the third-fire technique giving them a unique and vibrant look. Every detail is taken care of with passion and attention, creating jewels that are as beautiful as they are meaningful.

Wearing one of these necklaces means carrying a piece of poetry and literary wisdom with you wherever you go. Every time you wear it, you will remember the power of words and the importance of love in our lives.

Choose one of our ceramic square pendant necklaces and let beauty and poetry accompany you at all times. With us, you can express your love of literature and celebrate love in all its forms with style and grace.

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