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Poetic series

Poetic series

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Poetic necklaces come to life through the incredible craftsmanship of 3DClayMakers. Each jewel in this extraordinary collection is a ceramic masterpiece made with 3D printing and glazed with a 3rd fire firing with 12% gold luster, giving an unparalleled shine.

The poetic series are inspired by great literary works and represent a magical fusion between visual art and the depth of words. Each cylindrical bead is a fascinating interpretation of iconic verses, and the choice of subject is just as important as the craftsmanship.

In our collection you will find extraordinary interpretations of poems such as the haiku: the roof burned down by Mizuta Masahide , which celebrates the simplicity and beauty of nature, and Look at yourself. In you, heaven and earth by Hildegard of Bingen , which evokes the connection between the human soul and the universe.

For those who love passion and love, we have Sappho 's Kidnapped in the Mirror , which captures the essence of overwhelming emotions, and Dante Alighieri 's Love That Moves the Sun , a hymn to eternal and universal love.

Each necklace in this collection represents a unique work of art, crafted with care and dedication by the expert craftsmen at 3DClayMakers. Each pearl is a small masterpiece that carries with it the beauty and poetry of the words it represents.

Wearing one of our poetic necklaces means carrying a fragment of poetry and beauty with you in every moment of your day. Each piece of jewelery is a statement of style and a celebration of art and literature.

Explore our collection and choose the poetic necklace that resonates with your spirit. With 3DClayMakers, you can bring poetic inspiration into your daily look and experience the harmony between beauty and words in every moment of your life.

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