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Fresh, fruity

A simple and splendid eau de Cologne that is not afraid to say its name and humbly follows a long tradition. It takes a lot of work to achieve simplicity.


Sooner or later all perfume houses come across a fundamental style exercise: cologne.

When one calls oneself Etat Libre d'Orange and makes breaking one's rule, one is strongly tempted to go against the tide, to look for a twist, originality, extravagance. But you have to know how to resist this temptation. Cologne by Etat Libre d'Orange wanted to be a simple and splendid cologne that is not afraid to say its name and humbly follows a long tradition. It takes a lot of work to achieve simplicity and many red herrings before finding the right way. And then, all of a sudden, here comes Cologne. An eau de Cologne that tastes good.

A nice scent.



Adapt to each person's body. Lay down your weapons. Swear allegiance. Accept transparency. Like a chameleon, change color. As it comes, change mood. Merge with the environment. Impose yourself less. Fascinate more. A story of water that adapts to the skin.

Cologne conquers immediately thanks to the irresistible freshness of blood orange and bergamot. The citrus touch and the natural, crisp and crunchy slightly green facet give the note a modern originality. The fragrance then leads us into a floral heart of orange blossom and jasmine that adds depth and texture, going beyond the vaporous dimension of traditional cologne. Finally, the musky accord of the base note offers with its fluidity and transparency a melting and soft effect, addictive…

General state


Cologne by Etat Libre d'Orange is a monochrome eau. conciliatory. Consenting. A delicious, ambitious cologne, but always and only a cologne. Explosive, brilliant, slightly multifaceted, fresh and attractive, round and palpable, with the right, balanced intensity. Faithful, sincere. A captivating presence. A water that lasts and makes pleasure last.



Cologne d'Etat Libre d'Orange is the water of first times. Of the first date. The first touches, the uncertainty. The desire to please, the hope of seducing. The meeting of two desires. The bodies look for each other, but they are afraid to meet. They want and they don't want at the same time. Before they get to know each other, they keep their distance. They send clear signals trying to remain discreet as much as possible. The contact of two skins. Breaking the ice, protection. Hold back and then let go. First time. An initiation, an abandonment to pleasure. Embark. Let yourself be invited into the world of Etat Libre d'Orange. Find out the rules. Learn its codes and accept them. Feel at home. And stay.

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An opaque white and brilliant glass, an iridescent coat of arms that sparkles: the bottle of Cologne d'Etat Libre d'Orange makes fun of its own conformity. It strikes the eye and then disappears and leaves room for the fragrance. For its eau de cologne, Etat Libre d'Orange has imagined a luminous and bewitching creation. The luminosity is released by ingredients of exceptional quality and modernity, by the delicate contrast between the freshness of a slightly green citrus note and the depth of its floral heart. The bewitching character emerges from the sweetness of the musks and the refinement of a leather accord as a base note.

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