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Woodsy, Spicy

Don't trust appearances... RIEN is an indispensable fragrance. The confession of a perfumer.

Nothing is everything.

Don't trust appearances... Behind the demeanor of the name, the deliciousness of blackcurrant buds and the tawny notes of blond leather mix on a spicy base. Between small vices and capital sins, hearts waver, but no one resists. With its indiscreet character, Rien is a skin scent that envelops the body and persists in the mind. Light as mohair, precious as cashmere, it touches the skin with a powdery caress. It boasts the meticulous elegance and hypnotic beauty of a modern Dorian Gray, female/male version. In its enveloping wake it leaves an unforgettable aesthetic imprint. It is absolute charisma, pure charm. The vanilla-opiate accord intensifies the feeling of addiction. Rien is an indispensable fragrance. The confession of a perfumer.

- The confession of a perfumer.

Top notes: Black pepper essence, Safraleine (saffron/leather), Orpur® incense essence
Heart notes: Leather, Iris Absolute, Cistus Absolute
Base notes: Orpur® Patchouli Essence, Orpur® Vetiver Essence, Tree Moss

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