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Soul of my soul

Soul of my soul

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“Perfume is the soul, the soul is the perfume”. 


Top notes : Bergamot aus Italien Orpur, Weihrauch-Essenz aus Somalia Orpur, Rosa Pfeffer CO2 Orpur
Heart notes : Irisbutter Orpur, Rose Absolue Orpur, Schweden-Akkord
Base Notes : Sandelholz-Essenz aus Australien Orpur, Georgy Wood-Akkord, Vanille Absolue aus Madagaskar Orpur

In the Arabian Nights there is a wonderful expression to address a loved one: "Soul of my Soul". This phrase expresses how empty life would be without that person.

I remember Aladin's warm voice croaking on a 45 rpm on a record player in 1977. He spoke to Princess Badr al-budūr calling her "My princess, soul of my soul". At the time I was seven years old and I asked my mother the meaning of soul, she replied: "There is no single definition, it is an invisible presence that connects us to the divine, a bit like the vanilla trail that the Jicky perfume leaves in the air and that your nose keeps looking for. The soul travels to infinity in space and time and connects us to the Whole. It is a fragment of what is beautiful and perfect in each of us, which will take us back to heaven and stay with people on earth. The perfume makes the presence of this fragment eternal and the soul proceeds in the same way”.

A few years later, rereading The Thousand and One Nights, I discovered sapphism, women's art of loving each other, the eunuchs who appeared in the gynaeceums, the conquering sodomites, the disturbing ephebes. I learned that the relationship with the body means nothing without the relationship with the soul, I understood that sensuality could become an excellent substitute for the soul and that squeezing tightly could be an innovative way to instill in each person a drop of the white, cosmic soul that floated in the primordial ocean before the creation of the world…

We have imagined a perfume that speaks of the Persian god of fire and Hindu deities, of the cult of offerings and of Mesopotamia, of milk and clarified butter to honor the deities and remember the white foam of the soul with a trail that permeates the air which originates from the Whole. Here the perfume is the soul, the soul is the perfume.

A creamy explosion in which musks mix with iris butter and release powerful scents of vanilla that fade into a tonka bean and benzoin accord.

Always true to musk.

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