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Spice must flow

Spice must flow

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The light of the rediscovery of beauty, goodness, sensitivity and intelligence.


Top Notes : Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence™, Ginger EO, ​​Chilli EO
Heart notes : Cinnamon EO, Turkish Rose EO and absolute, Saffron
Base notes : resinoid incense, balsamic fir absolute, patchouli EO

Our Maison welcomes mankind in all its forms, as long as they contribute to the Perspective, the one born in the Renaissance 500 years ago thanks to the merchants, against the two pre-established orders, the "Red and the Black". This prospect opens up a new road free from any imposition, to make the arts and perfumes flourish. Etat Libre d'Orange celebrates the girls and boys of the Renaissance. The sensation of perceiving a trail of foresight and fraternity on the skin, fragrances that bring light, “lucem ferre”; like Venus, the Morning Star.

From the Marquis de Sade to Vaslav Nijinski, via the poet Rumi and Tilda Swinton, Fat Electrician, Victor Hugo, Tom of Finland, Putain des Palaces, Sécrétions Magnifiques and Remarkable People, all our perfumes carry a message of light against obscurantism . From the cult of the merchants they have transformed into what is most beautiful: the exchange between human brothers and sisters.

It all started with the merchants. And to remember the spice and silk roads that they opened, against the obscurantism that too often condemns us, we pay homage to the Merchants by dedicating these two new perfumes to them, 500 YEARS & SPICE MUST FLOW, in which selected universal ingredients are mixed, intense and rare. The idea is to create an eternal trail between OUD and SPICES, to enhance the ROSE. With this flower, everything begins and ends, like the Renaissance. Pierre de Ronsard wrote the poem "Sweetheart, let's go see if the rose that this morning had opened its purple dress in the sun has lost tonight the folds of its purple dress and the complexion similar to yours."

Speaking of a flower of salvation, soul of our soul.

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