Collection: Rita Martinez

The force of nature that heals the spirit.

RITA MARTINEZ flies to Italy from Costa Rica in 2004, with a degree in history. She obtained a master's degree in intercultural conflict resolution at the University of Verona and interculturality became her research partner in her journey as a storyteller in the world of contemporary jewellery. For her, each object represents a daily story and contains joy, melancholy, love, fear and passion. Sometimes it is inspired by a leitmotiv and takes shape along the way, sometimes it is pure stimulus, sensation and can reawaken a memory or suggest a path, the result of the personal experience of the person who observes or wears the jewel. Awarded three times at the Venice Design Week, she has exhibited in galleries and museums in Switzerland, Bucharest, Porto, Milan, Venice, Adria, Turin, Casalmaggiore and has been featured in magazines such as Vicenza Jewellery, Preziosa Magazine, Andesjoya, Ob-Fashion, Nouvelle Factory, Roof Magazine, Joyería Contemporánea, Elle-Romania.​

The collection started from the magical healing figure of the ' curandera ' (curator) present in Latin America and usually reductively related to the Western figure of the doctor. The curandera, on the other hand, beyond the physical problem, takes care of the patient's spiritual dimension and uses various plants to create magical potions that can solve anything from a simple stomach ache to nightmares and lovesickness. Its function extends to the whole community which sees it as an important engine in maintaining relationships between peers and the very nature that surrounds it.​