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Necklace with amethysts and casket with lavender leaves

Necklace with amethysts and casket with lavender leaves

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to discover other jewels by Rita Martinez. Energetic and sparkling, the work of Rita Martínez, a Costa Rican artist, brings with it the wonder of the fertility of flora, not only for the offer it makes to the world of beauty and food, but also for its power to heal. The botanical matter, in Rita's work, does not cure itself, but cures the men and women who need it, above all healing their spirit.
And then, with the same positive force, the artist, like a curandera, lets the sage sprout in the thimbles, collects pages of herbaria, silver leaves on a glass plate, lets herself be guided in the creation of colored encrustations of gems in the corollas and restores Nature's spirited enchantment, the most positive energy, the one within which, with virtue and trust, one can find oneself, as in the secret compartments of its glittering metal jewels.

Necklace with amethysts and lavender leaves pendant
Lost wax casting.
Gold plated bronze and amethyst stones.

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